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"While reading The Model's Workbook, I was delighted to see such honest and real information presented on how the modeling industry actually works. If you want to be a model, buy The Model's Workbook."

Lisa Dean, Vogue Model, Los Angeles

"The Model's Workbook tells you, in a very realistic way, what to do, how to do it, and how to be light years ahead of the competition. I wish this book had existed 20 years ago."

Judith Fontaine, Owner, Fontaine Modeling Agency, Los Angeles

"The Model's Workbook is really, really fabulous! I highly recommend this book."

Susie McCarty, Owner, McCarty Talent Agency, Salt Lake City

"What a loving and supportive approach to getting into the business. The Model's Workbook holds the reader by the hand and carefully walks them through every possible aspect they will encounter in this industry, including their self-doubt. It is an absolute winner!"

K. Gelbord, Emmy Award-winning make-up artist, model, and author, Las Vegas

"With this book, you are now lucky enough to have the advice of a successful insider; The Model's Workbook will be your friend. You -- and your parents -- can trust the steps. You must have this book!"

Tena Houser, President, Lenz Talent Agency, Las Vegas

"I just love the Work Pages!"

Carol McCormick, Television/Film Agent, Moore Creative Talent, Minneapolis

"The Model's Workbook is a magnificent and essential breakthrough for young people starting a career in modeling. All the most important questions are answered in such a clear and concise manner, eliminating the guess work and mistakes one can easily make along the way. I only wish this had been available when I began my career. It would have saved me a great deal of wasted time and money. I truly believe if one follows the simple instructions, step-by-step, a world of amazing and exciting opportunities will unfold in the modeling industry."

Eric Underwood, model, dancer, actor, choreographer, New York

"This is the best book to hit the market in decades! The step-by-step guide takes you from start to finish with ease and a clear direction."

Jon Abeyta, photographer, Albuquerque

"The Model's Workbook is the must-have guide and workbook for any girl, boy, man, or woman who would like to pursue a career in modeling."

Michelle Smith, agency owner, television personality, Miami