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How about it?

  • Do you like to travel?

  • Do you enjoy working with exciting, creative people?

  • Do you love designer clothes?

  • Do you love making money?

  • Do you adore being photographed?

  • If you answered Yes to these questions, then modeling could be the career for you!

    Now take our Quiz to test your modeling know how:

      True False
    Most models are discovered
    Models need an agent
    Models must be thin
    Models have to be tall
    Models need clear skin
    Models must be young
    Models have to live in big cities
    Modeling agencies need money up front to start a model's career

    Look at the answers, above. Are you surprised about some of the answers? If so, don't worry, there are countless myths about modeling. Not many people know the truth. If you want to become a model, you need to understand how the industry really works. That's why we wrote The Model's Workbook.

    Become one of the few who really knows the inside story and has a success path to make your dreams come true.

    Buy The Model's Workbook today!