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William Squire & Laura Boulay are
The Modeling Police!

Our Mission:

  • to teach you how the entertainment industry really works;
  • to protect you & your career from scams & predators;
  • to guide you in creating a successful career.


Learn about our safety surveyHow William and Laura became "the Modeling Police."

Seven Warning Signs to Spot an Agency Scam:

  1. The 'agency' asks for money up front.
  2. The 'agency' wants money up front for photos or a photo packet.
  3. The 'agency' operates as a web site only.
  4. The 'agency' uses an eight hundred number for recruiting.
  5. Being approached in a mall.
  6. The 'agency' fee is over 20%.
  7. Interviews are not held at the 'agency'

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"As a Hollywood agent for many years, it was always disheartening to see the scams, lies, and misinformation in the heads of aspiring talent. So many hopefuls would come to my agency with great expectations and bad information. They had no idea how to get into the business or how to avoid the dangers of the entertainment industry. The Model's Workbook was written not only to help start your career but to keep you and your pocketbook safe while doing so."

--William Squire

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"Knowledge is power. Knowing a few key questions and warning signs can save lives and stop predators. We know of models who have been lured to dangerous places and situations. As a mother, model and actress, I am compelled to share crucial safety tips and much more information. This is a fantastic career, but there are many scam artists out there tarnishing the industry and ruining lives."

--Laura Boulay

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