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LOCATION: Hollywood
TIME: Lunch
TOPIC: How Can We Help?

Over lunch one day we were discussing the pitfalls and problems of getting into modeling and acting: How do I find an agent? Do I have to spend money? What about photos? So many questions and nowhere to go to get them answered. The Model's Workbook was born right then and there!

Our 20 simple steps will:

  • take you from photography to getting an agent to managing your career;

  • answer all your questions about the modeling industry;
  • take away the confusion of how to break into modeling;
  • give you a thorough glossary explaining the language of modeling;
  • allow you to create your career using Work Pages designed just for you;
  • give you insider tips from William;
  • tell you everything you ever wanted to know about becoming a successful model;
  • guide you in creating your modeling career, turning your dream into reality!

Want to be a model? Don't just be a wanna-be! Order The Model's Workbook today!